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About Us

District Councils are ULI at the local level, organized in 52 North American communities and 13 European communities serving almost 40,000 members.

ULI Colorado:
- Has over 1,300 members statewide
- Impacts communities through leadership, community outreach & advocacy
- Hosts educational conferences monthly
- Engages our members to increase community development at every level

About Us

District Councils support best practices in land use through education programs, mentoring, networking events, project tours, policy work, and advisory services. By offering nonpartisan, unbiased expertise to community leaders, District Councils positively influence such issues as compact development, transportation, urban design and workforce housing. In 2013, ULI Colorado won ULI’s first “Impact Award” as the District Council (among 53 in North America) with the most positive influence on its community and membership.

With over 1,300 members, ULI Colorado is one of ULI’s largest District Councils. ULI Colorado engages its members to help them build their careers and participate in their community. In the past year alone, 15 ULI committees have attracted 250 volunteers and developed programs attended by thousands. Our Young Leaders Group (YLG) is over 250 strong with monthly educational and social programs. ULI Colorado’s executive committee is chaired by Amy Cara, a partner in East West Denver. Our staff has headquarters in the Alliance Center in the heart of downtown Denver.