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What can ULI Colorado do to help with flood recovery–short term and long? Please read and add your thoughts

Michael Leccese  Executive director at ULI Colorado As my home is squarely in the middle of the flood zone, I have been preoccupied with the state of friends, family, neighbors and community. Our space is safe and dry, but destruction is all around. Last weekend I volunteered for Boulder Flood Relief and worked with a family trying to salvage their home, which was flooded with a mixture of mud and sewage. I can only imagine what it’s like in places like Lyons, Jamestown and Evans. At today’s ULI Colorado leadership … Read More

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Nine Project Finalists Named in ULI Colo Impact Awards

In 3 categories with winners to be named at Dec 12 Awards Gala Infill Highland Park Museum Lofts Fire Clay Lofts Innovation Burgess Creek Promenade,Steamboat Springs DRIVE at Taxi Galvanize Influence Downtown Golden Urban Renewal Mariposa (DHA) Hotel Learning Center Metro State U of Denver

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Can you make a living building healthy places?

On Oct. 3 ULI is presenting a program of leading developers and health policy pros looking at the economics and practicalities of Building Healthy Places. Background: Many experts believe that our built environment is a leading cause in rising health problems and rocketing costs. These include childhood obesity, diabetes, heart failure, etc., and the numbers are startling even in health-conscious Colorado. Especially since WWII, most places built exclude even the simplest physical activity (like walking to the store or school) and increasingly isolate residents in “food deserts” where a microwaved … Read More

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