Housing Committee

Lynn Crist
The Morrison Group

Chad Holtzinger
Shopworks Architecture

Housing Committee

ULI Colorado’s Housing Committee mediates among real estate, homebuilder, affordable housing, and housing-the-homeless interests and helps generate interest in Colorado’s housing diversity as an economic development asset. One key service is that this committee offers Site Modeling services to property owners to help stimulate housing development in key locations.

In the fall of 2016, our Housing Committee published a white paper that they completed over the course of many committee meetings.  The committee received grant funding from the ULI Foundation and presented their findings at Housing NOW!, a conference organized by Housing Colorado.

You can read and download the paper, “Overcoming Barriers to Affordable Housing,” here.


Lynn Crist, The Morrison Group, Lynncrist@comcast.net
Chad Holtzinger, Shopworks Architecture, Chad@shopworksarc.com