BHP Workshop Funding!

Building Healthy Places Workshops are now available through a competitive application process, with funding from the Colorado Health Foundation. Applications are due April 23. Please scroll down to learn more.

ULI Colorado is a leader in Building Healthy Places programming in our state.

Contact or call 303-893-1760 for more information.

BHP Workshop Funding!

Apply by 4/23! Grant opportunities available for Colorado communities!

In February 2018, the Colorado Health Foundation awarded ULI Colorado a $35,000 grant to continue this successful initiative and identify two new Colorado communities for participation in Building Healthy Places (BHP) Workshops. BHP Workshops provide technical assistance to communities by engaging ULI members as volunteer experts in the fields of real estate, architecture, planning, and public health, among others. In this one-day workshop, ULI volunteer panelists study and work with selected communities to provide concrete, achievable findings and recommendations to create opportunities for enhancing community health and wellness through the built environment.

Each workshop addresses the scope of work proposal by relying on background information, best practices, and creative problem-solving. Workshops are valued at $15,000, which includes program staffing and coordination, report writing and design, and the estimated value of donated professional consulting services from ULI panel members.

Criteria for Community Selection:


Two communities will be selected for Building Healthy Places Workshops in 2018 through a competitive process. Both rural and urban communities throughout Colorado will be considered if they can meet the following criteria. Interested communities are selected based on demonstration of need, the support of key community leaders and stakeholders, and the potential to positively impact health and the quality of life in the surrounding community.

Who can apply:

Study areas for workshops may be:

  • A vacant site appropriate for development
  • An existing site, neighborhood, corridor, or district in need of retrofit and renewal

Interested communities may qualify if they can:

  • Demonstrate community need and opportunities to address disparities and improve access to healthy and active living for underserved residents. ULI Colorado will consider community demographic data including proportion of low-income residents, racial/ethnic composition, geography (urban and rural will be considered), population trends, and disparities in access to active living opportunities.
  • Identify a geographic study area where there is a commitment to changing the built environment to improve public health. A study area can range in scale and scope from an apartment complex or academic/commercial campus, to a city block, neighborhood, or district.
  • Demonstrate needs in the built environment such as: poor sidewalks and bike trails, shortage of parks and open space, pollution, poor lighting and crossings for public safety, and lack of access to healthy food.
  • Demonstrate community readiness and commitment to create transformative change to become an active and healthy community.
  • Engage stakeholders across multiple sectors.

The BHP Workshops prioritizes high-need communities to improve access to active living. ULI Colorado will consider a variety of factors such as:

  • Population trends (is population increasing, decreasing or stable?)
  • Health status data demonstrating higher than normal rates of obesity and diseases related to inactivity and poor diet
  • Disparities in access to active living opportunities, including active living and healthy food, for specific groups in the community
  • Poor access to healthy food markets, sidewalks, greenways, parks, walkable destinations (such as schools and commercial districts), transit
  • Building stock (including homes, schools, workplaces) that does not provide occupants with access to natural light, fresh air, walkable destinations, outdoor recreation.

Eligible Applicants:

Any nonprofit institution or public agency (with the potential for a private entity partner) may apply. City or county governments, redevelopment or transit agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community-based organizations (with potential for a private entity partner) are all eligible. Each application must be accompanied by:

Click below or the links on the sidebar to download the BHP App.

BHP Workshop Application 2018 (word) ; BHP Workshop Application 2018 (pdf)

Applications due Monday, April 23, 2018.


Past Workshops:

Communities that have received Building Healthy Places Workshops have experienced progress and positive changes such as:

  • successful grant applications in support of Building Healthy Places initiatives
  • streetscape improvements to make communities more safe and walkable
  • new recreational, parks and open space facilities (especially for children)
  • development of new affordable housing
  • improved access to trail, bike, and pedestrian corridors
  • strategies for developing new partnerships and funding opportunities
  • a platform to enhance community dialogue and support around improving community health
  • policy initiatives that lay the framework for future changes

Read past Building Healthy Places workshops here:

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Call for Panelists!

Our Building Healty Places workshops are run by ULI with input from ULI members who volunteer their expertise to advise community stakeholders and generate recommendations for the site going forward.

Panelists can come from a variety of different backgrounds, including development, planning, public health, finance, city government, and advocacy.  Panelist spots are carefully curated based on the selected community and the site

If you are interested in volunteering your expertise as a panelist for a workshop, please email your resume to for consideration.

Participating as a panelist in a Building Healthy Places Workshop requires a full day of volunteered time (usually beginning very early, and running into the evening). It also requires preparation beforehand to study briefing materials and to participate in pre-workshop calls.


Thank you to the Colorado Health Foundation, our partner on these workshops!
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