Full Membership is available for those willing to make an ongoing commitment to ULI, contributing their experience, insights and financial support. Our full members are owners, developers, corporate real estate executives and principals from professional service firms and financial institutions. Full members are eligible to serve on ULI’s Product Councils.


Full Members enjoy all of the local and national benefits of a ULI Membership:

• National Product Council Program;
• Events and Networking Opportunities through our annual programs;
• Invitations to events for Full Members only;
• Access to ULI’s 30,000 Member Membership Directory;
• Subscription to Urban Land Magazine and access to UrbanLand Online;
• Discounts on ULI’s annual conferences including the Spring and Fall Meetings;
• Savings of up to 60% at the ULI Bookstore;
• Continuing Education via ULI’s Real Estate School;
• Exclusive access to ULI’s Select Leaders Real Estate Job Network;
• Research Assistance at your fingertips

What is a National Product Council and how do I join?
ULI created the national Product Councils to focus on specialized fields in land use and development. They are designed to provide a forum for education, networking and sharing best practices among ULI Full Members. Councils strive to achieve a balance of disciplines between the development, professional services, academic/not-for-profit/government, and finance arenas with a cap of about 50 members in order to preserve the intimacy and diversity required to share best practices and mistakes made/lessons learned.

Due to the exclusive and intimate nature of the national Product Council program, ULI Full Members must apply to participate and will often be placed on a Council waiting list until a seat becomes available. To learn more about the application process, Council vacancies and related opportunities, please visit ULI’s global website.

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