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Congratulations to our Etkin Johnson Student Scholars!

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The 2014-2015 Etkin Johnson Student Scholars Program is well underway with 25 students selected from CU Boulder, CU Denver and DU. As part of the scholarship, the students received a free ULI Student Membership for one year and one free ticket to every ULI Colorado program.

With a generous endowment from Bruce Etkin, a ULI trustee who has a special interest in supporting students in real estate and related fields, the mission of the Etkin Johnson Scholars Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise among college students in an engaged format with ULI leadership.

This program matches Student Scholars with the leadership on one of 11 volunteer committees.

Examples of projects underway include:

  • Three students doing research projects on ULI Colorado Technical Advisory Panels (TAPS). They are following up directly with TAP sponsors to determine which recommendations have been effected and next steps
  • Three students have commenced research for a program on “high-tech TOD” for an October seminar.
  • Three students have commenced research for our Thursday, June 25 Northern Colorado Explorer series program
  • One student worked with Denver Office of Economic Development to plan a major housing conference attended by 300 professionals on February 6, 2015.
  • Additional scholars are contributing to such programs as Impact Awards, Young Leaders, Women’s Leadership Initiative, and ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative.

The student scholars are: Undergrad:


Deanna Hurd                                             University of Colorado Boulder
Lauren Conrad                                          University of Denver
Matt DiCesare                                          University of Colorado Boulder
Maxwell Bradley                                      University of Colorado Boulder
Nolan Smith                                              University of Colorado Boulder
Parker Lange                                            University of Colorado Boulder



Alison Dionne                                           University of Colorado Denver
Austin Roberts                                         Unviersity of Colorado Boulder
Carolyn Fahey                                          University of Colorado Denver
Daniel Dore                                               Unviersity of Colorado Boulder
David Busch                                             University of Colorado Boulder
Hanbo Li                                                     University of Denver
James Miner                                             University of Colorado Boulder
Jared Pinkus                                            University of Colorado Denver
Jon Russell (Nick)                                   Unviersity of Colorado Boulder
Joshua Palmeri                                        University of Colorado Denver
LIANG PAN                                              University of Colorado Denver
Mark Kelley                                               University of Colorado Denver|
McCall Perry                                             University of Colorado Boulder
Melissa Ricksecker                                University of Colorado Boulder
Scott Gregory                                           University of Colorado Boulder
Sean Garvey                                            University of Colorado Denver
Travis L Hodge                                         University of Colorado Boulder

Say hi to our Student Scholars at your next ULI Colorado event!

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