Building Healthy Places Local Resource Center

The Building Healthy Places Initiative leverages the power of ULI's global networks to shape projects and places in ways that improve the health of people and communities. Here you can find resources related to the local ULI Colorado chapter's BHP efforts.

Building Healthy Places Local Resource Center



For many years, ULI and its members have been active players in discussions and projects that make the link between health and wellness, and real estate and development. More recently, research and reports have been released by ULI that explicitly feature connections between the design of our built environments and health.

Explore the local resources below to see what we have learned through the years and what we are continuing to learn about these connections.

Recent presentations from ULI Colorado Building Healthy Places Committee Meetings:

Bon Secours
Baltimore Health System
Build Healthy Places Network
Hennepin Health Housing Initiative
Housing as a Vaccine
HIA Globeville & ElyriaSwansea_1.8.15
Health in Buildings Roundtable, NIH
National Western Center_11.11.14

Building Healthy Places Toolkit articles and resources:

24 No Brainers for Greening Your Architecture Project
AIA Best Practices: Basic No-Cost Green Building_Strategies

Benefits of Green Buildings_DavisLangdon
GBFC Glossary of Words and Phrases
Cost and Benefits of LEED-NC in Colorado
Green Value Summary

DOE Charrette Handbook
HOK Green Shoestring
Procedure for Measuring and Reporting Commercial Building_Energy Performance

Articles of interest:

10 Principles for Building Healthy Places
Environmental Building Blocks of Urban Happiness _ Kaid Benfield’s Blog
Healthy General Plans Toolkit
How the spaces around us dictate our health_Opinion _ The Seattle Times

Visit the ULI website for more information on national and global BHP efforts: