Colorado Product Councils

ULI Colorado focuses its work around ULI’S priority initiatives. The Colorado Product Councils are modeled after the ULI National Product Council program. Areas of concentration include:

Resort, Entertainment, Tourism and Leisure Council (RETL)

Community Development Council

Multifamily Council

Colorado Product Councils


ULI Colorado’s Product Council program replicates the National Product Council Program at the local and regional level.  We currently have four areas of concentration:

RETL (Resort, Entertainment, Tourism and Leisure)  Product Council
Community Development Product Council
Multifamily Product Council
Colorado Office Workplace and Industrial (COIC) Product Council

All three councils serve as an educational service and exclusive networking opportunity to a select group of District Council members.

Content and best practices will be shared through 4 programs planned over the course of 2 years. The Colorado Product Councils provide opportunity for leadership and volunteer involvement in ULI at the local level, by promoting excellence in programming and fostering a culture of openness and sharing of issues critical to the land use planning and real estate development industries.

Goals of the Product Council program: 

• High-level sharing of best practices and pitfalls among leaders and peers.
• Seed future collaboration that leads to better policies and projects.
• Provide a collegial and non-competitive atmosphere.

Council Guidelines & Requirements:

• You must be a current Associate or Full ULI Member to participate in a Product Council.
• Two-year term on the council. 100 percent attendance is strongly encouraged but one excused absence allowed.
• Current council members can reapply for additional terms and will be given the option to renew for a full term (2 yrs.) or a half term (1 yr.).
• Annual dues should be paid in a timely manner (to cover annual meeting costs) upon invoice and membership kept active during your council term.
• No substitutions for attendance (e.g., you cannot send a proxy).
• 5 guest spots per meeting are available. Guests must be recommended by current council members and a request of their attendance sent to chairs 4 weeks in advance of a session. Council Chairs must approve a guest spot and a guest registration must be paid in advance.
• Any proprietary information or industry secrets shared in this room shall not leave the room.
• The Council is participatory. With assistance from ULI staff, the group and its leadership plan programs.
• Although this is a business meeting among business peers, no overt marketing of a firm and its services. This is a place to build relationships and share best practices, not sell products or services.
• Council dues (paid annually): $400 for Full Members, $600 for Associate Members

Joining a Product Council:

All Product Councils will open for re-evaluation of membership in the Summer of each year, and new applicants and those on waiting lists will be considered for membership.

Applications are collected online on an ongoing basis, and reviewed annually from June- July by the Council Chairs for each Product Council. 

You may fill out an application at any time. Product Council membership is limited, as previous council members may continue for multiple terms. Generally, 5-8 spots may open on each council annually. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Franklin at 303.893.1760, ext. 3 or

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