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Career Development Top Ten Tips

Wendi Birchler, Principal with Norris Design, appears as a guest presenter at a recent ULI Colorado WLI Committee meeting to share…

Career Development Top 10 Tips:

Tip #1: If you want to be something, just start doing it – and then let people know you are doing it.
Credit –
Virginia McAllister at WLI’s Leadership Connection March 26, 2015

Tip #2: Find your voice and be confident enough to use it.

Tip #3: Be authentic and trust/listen to your gut.

Tip #4: Establish your “Board of Directors”- trusted advisors and mentors that can help guide you.
Credit- Kimball Crangle at the WLI Kick Off event

Tip #5: Know your strengths and understand your weaknesses.

Tip #6: Don’t settle- find a career that you love and are passionate about.

Tip #7: Remember- “Patience is Genius”
Credit- Buz Koelbel

Tip #8: Spend more time with people than with your laptop, tablet, iPad, or smart phone

Tip #9: Become indispensable. Volunteer for the tough assignments, step up, and take advantage of opportunities- learn, adapt, improve- CAN’T shouldn’t be a part of your vocabulary.

Tip #10: Sacrifices today will help you position yourself for tomorrow. The more you do early in your career, the more it will pay off later!


wbirchler headshot
Wendi Birchler
Principal, Norris Design
Wendi has been practicing landscape architecture and land planning disciplines for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience in managing large, multi-disciplinary development project teams. Her responsibilities have included overall project management, entitlement processing, development of schedules, managing City/County submittal packages and facilitating public meetings. Her project experience includes commercial, retail, mixed-use,TOD, single and multi-family residential, and office and hospital campuses.

Colorado WLI goals
– Promote the advancement of women, throughout their careers, as leaders in the real estate industry
Increase the number of women who serve in leadership positions in the real estate industry and in ULI
Increase the visibility of women leaders in the real estate industry and in ULI
Increase the number of women who are active ULI Full Members
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