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Recommendations for West Colfax

In case you missed it…

On Thursday, February 25th a panel of experts assembled from around the country to give a community presentation regarding their recommendations on next steps for West Colfax. The recommendations were compiled over three days of tours, interviews, and group study/discussion sessions.

This 4-day workshop was facilitated by the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use—a joint program of ULI and the National League of cities. The Rose Center’s annual program provides technical assistance to big cities on an urban redevelopment challenge of their choosing.  Through this year’s program, the Rose Center invited the cities of Birmingham, AL; Long Beach, CA; Rochester, NY; and Denver,CO to participate.

The workshop’s local focus was how Denver can attract private investment to West Colfax that also supports existing residents and businesses as well as the corridor’s identity.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the presentation that gives an overview of the study site, findings, and next steps.



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